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Last week we were in the Middle East, checking on the progress of one of our most exciting projects.

3 years ago we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to design an exclusive site including 800+ villas and apartments, a hotel, retail centre, office spaces, a health and fitness centre, spas, a cinema and a 500 capacity ballroom. With the construction getting tantalisingly close to finishing, we have decided to post a series of photos from the last three years, documenting the transformation from a desert into a flourishing community, we hope you like them.

The site before any construction has taken place 2011.

Site preparation for the first villas.

Villas and apartments at various stages of construction.

Cranes lifting the first floor into place, Aug 2011.

Villas before the first floor is formed.

Spaces between the villas which will become avenues and gardens, May 2012.

Health and Fitness centre under construction in early 2013.

Main entrance to the Health and Fitness centre last week.

Lobby to the Hotel last week.

Hotel pool close to being completed.

Villas including the rear gardens.

Villas including the rear gardens.

Shot across the site from the far corner.

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