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Design Principles


The studio philosophy when approaching every project is simple – ‘to make things better’. For most designers this could mean improving the quality, value for money, detailing or styling, however for Sibley Grove this also means ensuring those making the products are paid an appropriate wage and the materials have been sustainably sourced.

“Every project should be an opportunity to embrace new materials, new ideas and new philosophies. Designers can often be guilty of replicating and tweaking, rather than creating.” Jeremy Grove

For Sibley Grove it is imperative that we remain at the forefront of innovation, introducing clients to the new ideas essential to delivering a successful project.

Central to the studio’s design process is the continued effort to fully understand the implications the design industry has around the world, generating waste, contributing to environmental damage and sustaining dubious business practices in manufacture and distribution. Sibley Grove believe that design is a tool for delivering positive change in the world, whether it is though housing, commercial services, graphic design or the production of furniture.

One way we do this is to deliberately seek out companies and suppliers who share this goal, and we continue to grow and expand this network on a daily basis. Our focus is on businesses with a genuine investment in the long term, not businesses that launch one great idea but treat it as a niche product while continuing to pursue mainstream commercial practices.