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While exhibiting at Design Junction during the London Design Festival, we had the opportunity to get across to 100% Design and see how it compared. It’s sad to say but for many years the show has been derided amongst many fellow designers and colleagues for being uninspiring and unimaginative. Row upon row of white partitioning creates a setting suitable for a generic trade show, not one that is supposed to be the principle event at London Design Week.

That said, 2013 represented a year in which 100% Design took a huge stride forward and it was a real pleasure walking around and viewing great work in a more appropriate setting. Its been a long time since we have walked away from 100% Design feeling genuinely inspired by what we had seen. Below are a selection of highlights. Please follow the links to the websites.

Buster + Punch (great name) exhibited the Hooked collection, a range of industrial light fittings inspired by Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Hooked collection by Buster + Punch

Bert & May had a great collection of reclaimed tiles.

A selection of reclaimed tiles from Bert & May

Eco Flooring UK exhibited a beautiful selection of reclaimed parquet flooring full of character.

Reclaimed parquet from Eco Flooring UK

We had been working on a design for a bespoke concrete basin for one of our interior design projects before we stumbled across Lowinfo and their collection called Kast. Fortunately they produced exactly the type of thing we were after, beautifully made and well priced.

Concrete basin from Lowinfo

Ted Wood is a company run by a young designer and recent graduate, Ted Jefferis. The ‘HangUP’ pendant lamp is a really unique piece.

HangUp by Ted Wood

Boss have produced these Cocoon chairs, ideal for a reception area. They are incredibly well insulated (sound) and great for meetings in hotel lobbies. The chairs are manufactured in the UK and can be upholstered in Camira fabric (Great company from a style and sustainable perspective).

Cocoon from Boss

The Acapulco Chair from Joerg Zielke for Nard Décor is a really interesting product an extremely comfortable. The chair is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Acapulco chair from Nard Decor

In the section dedicated to Australian designers, Adam Cornish (Stoneware lighting) and Edward Linacre (Topaz pendant) had two great products on display.

Stoneware lighting from Adam Cornish

Topaz Pendant by Edward Linacre

100% design was a significant improvement on recent years and we will certainly approach next year with high expectations, however, one area that needs to be reviewed is the Eco, Design & Build section. The major design shows and trade fairs always dedicate a portion of their shows to sustainable design but we are yet to see one that delivers with any real substance. 100% design demonstrated a real lack of commitment and/or understanding of sustainable design. If design shows are going to claim to have an eco section then they must have exhibitor guidelines which promote modern and relevant ideas to sustainable design. Subscribing to the dated philosophy that anything made from recycled glass bottles and cardboard is ‘eco’ does more harm than good as it promotes green wash and confuses consumers. We spoke to many exhibitors in this area and very few demonstrated a need to be categorised as Eco. We hope next year this section is significantly improved or simply called Design & Build.

In the next post we will conclude our series on how to specify sustainable flooring.

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