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Design Philosophy

Sibley Grove strives to design on principles of closed loop systems. Closed loop systems operate on a regenerative basis mimicking the cycles of nature. Products are created so that at the end of their life cycle they can be broken down into compostable parts and recyclable parts. This results in zero waste and allows materials to be given new life, thereby functioning on a continual loop. An important element of this process is the idea of upcycling – reutilising materials in a manner that maintains their structural integrity, and not re‐appropriating them in a weakened form. This allows materials to continue functioning within the loop. While closed loop systems are the ideal, there are no prescribed routes or methods of implementation. This places exploration – of ideas, materials, production methods – and discovery at the core of Sibley Grove’s operations. This philosophy also extends to specification and suppliers as Sibley Grove aims to work with companies functioning on closed loop systems and supports businesses actively integrating sustainable practices.